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Air Freight

We work with a wide range of cargo and passenger airlines to achieve global reach.

Ocean Freight

We have our network of authorized agents internationally and main shipping companies

Land Freight

We provide reliable and efficient land cargo transportation solutions to any part of Honduras, Central America and internationally.

Our Services

We offer a extensive range of logistics solutions.

Why choose ALE?

With 18 years of experience in the central american market and offices in Honduras and El Salvador, ALE Cargo offers the following advantages:

Local knowledge and expertise

We have a deep understanding of the local market, regulations, and customs procedures, which enables us to provide better and more efficient logistics solutions to our clients.

Proximity to major ports and transportation hubs

Being located in Honduras and El Salvador, which are strategically located in the central american region, gives us easy access to major ports and transportation hubs, which helps us to provide faster and more cost-effective logistics solutions to our clients.

Extensive network of partners and agents

We have an extensive network of partners and agents across the globe, which enables us to provide end-to-end logistics solutions to our clients, including customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution.

Customer-centric approach

We prioritize our customers and provide personalized and customized logistics solutions to meet their specific needs and requirements.

Cost Effective Solutions
With our extensive knowledge of the local market and regulations, we are able to provide cost-effective logistics solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs, saving money by optimizing your supply chain and reducing costs Of transport.
Risk Management
We can help your clients manage the risks associated with the transportation of goods, such as damage to or loss of goods, by providing insurance coverage and implementing risk management strategies.
Technology Driven Solutions
Using the latest technology and software to streamline your operations and provide real-time asset tracking and monitoring. This helps our clients to have better visibility of their supply chain and make informed decisions.
We are committed to sustainable logistics solutions and reducing your carbon footprint. Using eco-friendly modes of transportation and packaging materials to minimize your impact on the environment.
Experience in the industry
With 18 years in the Central American market, we have developed experience in the industry in several sectors, such as pharmaceutical, automotive and consumer goods, manufacturing sector, among others, and this allows us to provide specialized logistics solutions to our clients.

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Agent Network

Partners to build a global transit network with worldwide operations.

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